How to Schedule SMS Sending in Airtel

This is an Official Service from Airtel. So we may not call it a Trick.
For example you want to sendas text I Love You on 9944xxxxxx at 7.30 PM on September 15 .
*. Create A New Message As Following to Send Above Mentioned Address
It should be in this format
MobileNumber DDMM HHMM YourMessage

”9944xxxxx 1509 0730 Happy Birthday “
and Send it to 52233

This will send the SMS at 7.30PM on 15th of September.
Note: As we said this is not a trick so it will cost 1.Rs per SMS you schedule.
Airtel is the most largest Network in India. it has the most Highest customers. so wehope that here also our user’shave mostly Airtel Numbers. and this new Simple Feature will help you a Lot.
So Enjoy Schedule SMS Sending on Airtel and also share it with your Friends.

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