Jai Ho - Salman Khan (Dubbing)


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Play Game and Shop for free (Android app)

Play Game Game and earn points.

Earn Credits for Every Win/Loss

Visit our shop to use your earned points

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ByPass Screen Lock Android

Install ScreenLockRemover app from playstore. Get it here

1. After installation open the app and switch on Admin Access

2. Click on Activate to give admin access to app.

3. Once admin access enabled close your app.

4. If you have forgotten your screen lock password or pattern.

5. Restart your phone. After phone has restarted wait for ScreenLockRemover app to load.

6. Once app loaded press Lock Remove Button

7. You are done. Your lock has been removed.

Note: Your app should be installed before your phone gets locked and Admin  Access should be On.

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Install RPM Fusion in Fedora

Open your terminal and enter the Command


Now it will ask to enter password

Enter your password. (While entering your password nothing will be displayed so nothing to worry just type your password) and press Enter.

You will log in as root user

Now copy paste this command below and press Enter

su -c 'yum localinstall --nogpgcheck http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-18.noarch.rpm http://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/fedora/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-18.noarch.rpm'

That's it rest will be done by the terimal.

Keep your PC/Laptop Connected to Internet during installation.

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Run Windows Softwares in Fedora

  • First of all you have to install Fedora Software Name "Wine"
  • To Install Wine, First open Terminal as Root user and Type the command given below.
yum install wine
  • after Entering the command press enter and Wait for the completion of installation.
(Keep your PC / Laptop Connected to Internet during installation)
  • Once the installation is complete.
  • Go to the folder of your Windows Software which you want to Run.
  • Right click on the .exe file and select open with wine.
  • There you go your .exe file start running on fedora.

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How to Install GoogleChrome in Fedora

  • First of all install RMP Fusion. For info on it click here
  • Now open terminal and Login as Root User (Check Here)
  • Copy this code shown below, Paste in terminal window and Press Enter.
su -c 'yum -y localinstall https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.rpm'

  • Keep your PC/Laptop Connected to Internet during installation 

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How to Install VLC in Fedora

  • First of all You should install RPM fusion then proceed the steps below. (Check Here)
  • Login as Root user in Terminal
  • Paste this code given below and Press Enter
 yum install vlc

  • Keep your PC/Laptop Connected to internet during the installation.

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How to Login as Root Admin in Fedora terminal

Just open up terminal and Enter the command


Now it will ask for your password.
Enter your login Password and Press Enter.

Now you have been loggedin as Root user in terminal

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Complete Computer Info in Single Click

Just click on GetInfo Button and You will get your all System Information

Download Link:


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Single Click Screen Capture

Take SnapShot of Screen in Single Click

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Enable / Disable Windows Firewall in Single Click



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How to transfer Mobile Balance to other mobile

*131*<Amount>*<Receiver’s Number># 
      (E.g. *131*30*9820098200#)

Min: 5rs     Max: 30rs

*141# and follow the instructions

Min: 5rs    Max:50rs 

*122*666# and follow the instructions

Min: 5rs     Max: 100rs

*567*<Receiver’s Number>*<Amount>#

Min: 10rs    Max: 50rs

Send SMS: Type GIFT<space><Receiver’s Number><space><Amount> and send it to 53733  
(E.g. GIFT 9000000000 50)  

Min: 5rs   Max: 50rs


You should be a BuddyNet user in order to avail this facility in Tata DOCOMO. To know more about BuddyNet CLICK HERE

Send SMS: Type BT<space><Receiver’s Number><space><Amount> and send it to 54321 
(E.g. BT 9000000000 50)

Min: 5rs   Max: 50rs

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How to Check Internet DataBalance in Mobile

Airtel : *123*10#
Aircel: *111*42# (Only for 3G)
Vodafone: *111#
Docomo: *111*1#

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How To Delete Annoying Multiple Entries in Boot Screen

Suppose you have multiple copies of Windows XP installed in your PC in different drives or installed Windows XP on top of another operating system like Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Now, though you may have removed some or all of the older versions, still the boot screen continues to show the old operating system entries. Isn't it annoying and confusing to remember and select every time the only right option? Don't worry, here is how you can get rid of the problem forever:

1. Load windows and login if required
2. Go to Start menu, click on Run and then type cmd. This open up the command window.
3. Type this command:
bootcfg /delete /id x
where x is the number of the option you want to delete. Say, for example, you want to delete 2nd boot option then you will type bootcfg /delete /id 2 and so on.
4. Now reboot the machine to check that you have only the correct option(s) available.


* Please be careful in step 3 and don't delete the correct operating system because that will prevent you from booting.
* Repeat step 3 to delete all unnecessary operating system menus.

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Problem Chargning Your Laptop Battery??

  • Is your Laptop showing Plugged in But Not Charging.
  • It can be due two reasons. Either your Battery is dead or It needs a BIOS reset.
  • Try this method to Reset.
  • Shutdown Your Laptop
  • Remove the Battery
  • Press the Power Button for 30 - 40 seconds
  • Place your Battery again into the laptop and Switch your Laptop on.
  • Your Laptop Time & Date would have been changed, that means reset was successful.
  • And Your Battery will start charging again.
  • If not its time for you to get a new battery and If your Laptop is Under warranty you should go to Service centre as soon as possible.
  • May be you will get New Battery for free :)

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Access Point for All Sim Cards for Browsing net on PC/Laptop

Airtel: airtelgprs.com

Aircel: aircegprs Location


Vodafone: www

BSNL: bsnlnet

Uninor: uninor

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How Remove Multiple Dial Up Connection which you dont need

1. Click on the network icon in the task bar and click on Open Network and Sharing Center

2. Click on Change Adapter Settings on Left top Corner of the window
 3. You will get the list of all DialUp Connections Presently available on your Windows. Now Just select the unwanted connections and Delete them by Pressing Delete button on your keyboard

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Check Your PC Rating Based on your PC Config

1. Right Click on MyComputer and Click on Properties

2. Now Click on "Windows Experience Index"

3. Finally Click on Run the Assesment. (As i have Checked my Rating already due to that its showing ReRun the assesment)

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Remove or Add Default Icons (My Computer, recycle Bin, etc)

1. Right click on Desktop and select Personalise

2. Now click on Change Desktop Icons on Top left of the window

3. Just put the tick Mark on the Name of the icons which you want and press OK.

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Disable Permission Popup while Running any exe file in Win7

1. Go to Control Panel

2.  Now go to Users Account and Family Safety

3. Now Click on User Accounts

4. Now Click on Change user Account and Control Settings

5. Now just Slide the Bar till bottom (Never Notify) and click ok. (You will get a dialog box asking the permission for last time. Press Yes :))

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Download Torrent without Torrent Client

1. Go to this site and Create a free Account

2. After Signup login to your Account.

3. Download the torrent file which you want to download to your PC

4. Now click on the Upload .torrent file Button as shown in the snap

5. After click that button you will get browse option. Browse to your downloaded torrent and select it

6. Now click on GO

7. You will get window like this.

8. Click on Free

9. Site will start downloading the file to its server.

10. Once the download is complete you will see a download button near your Torrent Name.

11. Just click the download and your torrent will start downloading.

For Any Queries Contact us Here

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How to Make Unlimited FreeCalls Across the World : Call anyone Worldwide From your PC and MAC

The Worlds #1 Free Calls Website
Make unlimited Free Calls World Wide in 40 Countries.Here you can make a Free Call - Free International Calls, Free Mobile Calls, Free Calls UK, Free VoIP Service, Free Calls Online, Free Calls.
Allows Free calls to landlines In :
Argentina, Australia, Austria,Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada,China, Chile, Colombia, Croatia,Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France,Germany, Greece, Hong Kong,Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy,Japan, Republic of Korea,Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico,Netherlands, New Zealand,Norway, Poland, Portugal,Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,United Kingdom, USA.
Make free Call Using your PC and Mac
Trick How to make free calls using
Register on Humnut.com and You will receive an email from Humnut administrator Validate your account by clicking activate free calls link in your email Now login toyour account and click on Make calls on top
You will see a Java web phone on left side of the screen Wait for 2 min till it connects to service and you can see the phone dial ur number and enjoy free call with great voice quality.

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How to Schedule SMS Sending in Airtel

This is an Official Service from Airtel. So we may not call it a Trick.
For example you want to sendas text I Love You on 9944xxxxxx at 7.30 PM on September 15 .
*. Create A New Message As Following to Send Above Mentioned Address
It should be in this format
MobileNumber DDMM HHMM YourMessage

”9944xxxxx 1509 0730 Happy Birthday “
and Send it to 52233

This will send the SMS at 7.30PM on 15th of September.
Note: As we said this is not a trick so it will cost 1.Rs per SMS you schedule.
Airtel is the most largest Network in India. it has the most Highest customers. so wehope that here also our user’shave mostly Airtel Numbers. and this new Simple Feature will help you a Lot.
So Enjoy Schedule SMS Sending on Airtel and also share it with your Friends.

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How to Schedule Emails In Gmail


Gmail, like other mail services, doesn’t give you a scheduling option by default.You need to install a third-party add-on to make scheduling work. Usually, these are browser add-ons (no, they don’t require your browser or PC to be open at the time of sending emails). There are many popular toolsto Schedule Emails in Gmail. But we will use the Best and Most Popular one. However they have free and premium version.
Schedule Emails using Boomerang
Boomerang is a Tool or you can say an Online Application which collaboratewith Gmail and adds a Send Later Button on your Compose Mail page. I highly Recommend to use this Tool. sometimes it will be useful toYou.
*. Download the Extension from Boomerangmail.com
*. Now, Just Log in to YourGmail account normally, and Installed the app by Clicking on the downloaded file.
*. If you are already logged in, Then the appwill be automatically installed
*. Open your Gmail account, and click on Compose New
*. WOW! Now you will see a SEND LATER option next to your Send Button
*. Clicking on the Send Later Button will show you the options to schedule Emails
Done! now you can just write a Message and schedule it using the Send later button and it will be sent on Auto Pilot by your Settings
You can see the options when you Click send later Button in the above Screenshot. you can also input your Custom Time to Send any Particular Email.
Apart from only Schedule Emails , Boomerang also has some additional bonus features, such as email tracking and email reminders which will never let you forget a conversation again.

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