Managing Partitions in Win7

Step 1: Click on Windows Logo and Type format in the search bar and Select the option Create and Format Harddisk Partition and press Enter.

Step 2: You will see a window like this. In this window you will see your all partition. 
Blue Color one's are Primary Partition and Blue Color with Green Border are Logical Partition and Full Green Color is FreeSpace.
To Create new partition of the free Space. Right Click on it and Select New Volume. 

Step 3: Now you will see a wizard like this. Click Next for further steps of partitioning proccedure.

Step 4: Enter the Total Size you want for the partition. It is filled in MB (1024MB=1GB) and press Next.

Step 5: Assign a Letter to the Drive which is not Assign to any other Drive and Click Next. (Leave other options as Default)

Step 6: In this step leave all the options as Default and Click Next.
But You can change it as per your requirement.

Step 7: Now Click Finish and You will see your New partition Available (May be it will ask for a quick format of the new Partition)

Step 8: To Delete a Partition Right Click on the Partition you want to Delete and Select Delete Volume.

Step 9: After Selecting Delete Volume it will Show a Dialogue Box. Press OK and Your Partition will get Deleted and it will get added to the freeSpace.
(All the data in the Partition will get Erased once Partition is Deleted.)
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Manage Startup Programs

Step 1: Click on Windows Logo and Type msconfig in the search bar and Press Enter
(For WinXP Go to Run and Type msconfig and follow the other steps) 

Step 2: You will see Window Like this. Now Click on startup Tab to Manage your Startup programs.
Step 3: Now manage your Startup Programs by Checking and Unchecking the Program's Name
and Click Apply and then OK

Step 4: When you will click OK, You will see a small windows like this. Now to take Startup program changes to Take Effect you have to restart your PC and its upto you. You can restart at the same time or at any Later time.

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Check Inbuilt Graphics of Your PC/Laptop

Step 1: Click on Windows Logo and Type dxdiag in the search bar and Press Enter
(For WinXP Go to Run and Type dxdiag and follow the other steps)

Step 2: You will See Windows like this. Click on the Display Tab on the top.

 Step 3: Now you Can See your Internal Graphics @ Approx. Total Memory as shown in the Snap below.

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Connect Internet in Your PC/Laptop Using your Bluetooth Enabled Mobile

Keep Your Mobile Bluetooth Switched on

Step 1: Go to Devices and Printers via StartMenu 

Step 2: In Devices and Printers Click on Add Device Option on the Top of the page

Step 3:You will see a small window like this in which your Mobile will be listed

Step 4:Select your Mobile and Click Next and Pair your Mobile with your PC using the Pairing code.

Step 5:Wait until the drivers for mobile are installed. Click Close when this window is shown.

Step 6:Now right click on the mobile your Paired just now
Go to DialUp Networking>Create a New Dial Up Network

Step 7:Now this is a optional step. If you have more than one Bluetooth Device paired with your PC. Select the Bluetooth with Highest number. Else Move to next Step

Step 8: Now Enter the Phone Numbser *99# its for all Sim cards. And Leave the Username and Password field as blank. Give any name as u like and Click Connect

Step 9: Now wait Untill it gets connected. When its connected You will see a Browse Now button on this window. Click on it and Start Browsing.

Step 10:If you want to Disconnect or Connect Net again using the same mobile just you have to switch on the Bluetooth and Go to WiFi button on Right Bottom corner on TaskBar and select the Connect you created and Click Connect.

At Last after you click connect button you will get a small window asking Username and Password.
Leave it blank and Click on Dial button on the window.
Thats it you are now connected to internet.

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