How to Schedule Emails In Gmail

Gmail, like other mail services, doesn’t give you a scheduling option by default.You need to install a third-party add-on to make scheduling work. Usually, these are browser add-ons (no, they don’t require your browser or PC to be open at the time of sending emails). There are many popular toolsto Schedule Emails in Gmail. But we will use the Best and Most Popular one. However they have free and premium version.
Schedule Emails using Boomerang
Boomerang is a Tool or you can say an Online Application which collaboratewith Gmail and adds a Send Later Button on your Compose Mail page. I highly Recommend to use this Tool. sometimes it will be useful toYou.
*. Download the Extension from
*. Now, Just Log in to YourGmail account normally, and Installed the app by Clicking on the downloaded file.
*. If you are already logged in, Then the appwill be automatically installed
*. Open your Gmail account, and click on Compose New
*. WOW! Now you will see a SEND LATER option next to your Send Button
*. Clicking on the Send Later Button will show you the options to schedule Emails
Done! now you can just write a Message and schedule it using the Send later button and it will be sent on Auto Pilot by your Settings
You can see the options when you Click send later Button in the above Screenshot. you can also input your Custom Time to Send any Particular Email.
Apart from only Schedule Emails , Boomerang also has some additional bonus features, such as email tracking and email reminders which will never let you forget a conversation again.