Create your Own Custom Smilie for Facebook Chat

Step 1: Login to your facebook account and go to this link

and Click on Create Page  Option

Step 2: Select any one option 

Step 3: Put any name, Accept the Agreement and Click get started

Step 4: Now, from here your smilie works start. Upload the image you want to use as smilie as profile picture of page. By uploading from computer or through any link

Step 5: After uploading you will see page something like this with your smilie picture as profile picture

Step 6: You can click on Skip to skip this option as its of no use

Step 7: Similarly as previous step skip this step too

Step 8: Once your page is created you will be redirected to your page and it will look something like this. Now select and copy the text next to your page name in URL. It will be some number.

Step 9: Open the chat and paste the copied text in chat in between double square brackets 
[[copied text]]
and send it. you will see the profile picture is displayed as the smilie.

Thats it. Its done. Now start making smilies and surpurise your friends.