Make your PenDrive Bootable

1. Connect your PenDrive to your PC / Laptop

2. Now go Open Command Prompt.
(To Open Command Prompt: Go to run type CMD and press Enter)

3. Now Type Diskpart in the Command Prompt

4. Now type list disk in the promopt.

5. All the Storage Disk connected to your PC/Laptop will be displayed.

6. Now Find the Disk number of your USB 
(You can find out by checking the size of the disks)

7. Now type Select disk x and press Enter
(x: x is the number assign to your PenDrive which you have find out in the previous step)

8. Now type clean and press Enter.

9. Now type create partition primary and Press Enter

10. Now type Select partition 1 and Press Enter

11. Now type active and press Enter.

12. Now type format fs=fat32 and press Enter

13. Once the formatting is completed.
Type assign and Press Enter

14. Now type exit and press Enter.

15. Now your PenDrive is successfully made bootable. Now copy your Contents in the penDrive which you want to boot.