How to Flash Nokia Phones

1. Download and install Phoenix Service Software 2011 in your PC/Laptop.

2. Download and install the latest version of Navifirm Click here

3. Open Navifirm select your Phone Model and Code and wait for a while until it loads “Releases” select a suitable release. Again wait until Navifirm loads “Variants” (i.e. Product code of the phone which you can find at the sticker usually below battery)
4. After downloading firmware files, create a folder RM-XXX in C:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products and copy those firmware files in the folder.

(RM-XXX where XXX is your product code(for e.g. Nokia 7210 supernova product code is 436, so RM-436)

5. Launch application “Phoenix” in PC and connect your mobile via Data/USB cable (Select PC Suite mode).

Note - if you have dead phone, means phone is not starting at all, use Dead Phones Flash. To being able to tick dead phone flash delete the USB connection in phoenix. then make it go into "no connection". then open the RM-XXX. the dead USB flashing will now be enabled.

6. Now Choose File>Manage Connection>New>USB. It will then search your USB ports for the phone. When it finds it, hit Finish. Once it has done scanning, Apply then close

7. Select “Scan Product” from the File menu. As soon as scanning is finished, you can see your model of phone and other details at the bottom screen

8. From the Flashing menu, choose Firmware Update

9. Wait for Phoenix to continue looking into to the phone. You will see some information scroll by in the firmware Update window.  
 - Browse
- See the product code section. You should find your product code in that column.If you see “YOUR” product code, fine otherwise press on the “…” in the given prCode section.
You should see RM-XXX, select that. Variant version =00. 
If you will select “Refurbish” so that it will restore it to factory set (Clean and default C:)

10. Hit start and ignore the warning and click yes. Now your actual flashing has started. Don’t touch your phone or press any button until the flashing has finished. Also don’t touch your data cable and your computer system.
11. At the end Phoenix will tell you to remove your phone as the flashing has finished.

12. Now wait for your phone to reboot into latest firmware.
Note: Try at your Own Risk. It can make your Phone Dead if you make any mistake.